Learning to Be a Disciple: Summer Internship 2017

Dear everyone,

I am excited to have been accepted as an intern with Restore St. Louis’ City Lights- St. Louis Institute for Urban Leadership Training this summer. That means I will be spending 7 weeks of Summer 2017 learning about the needs of the poorest residents in St. Louis, and learning how others are responding to those needs from a Christian perspective. I will be assigned to an intern team working among inner city children, recent immigrants and refugees, the elderly or disabled, or a similar group from St. Louis urban populations. I am grateful to have the opportunity to combine my passion for Africa and the french language by working with Congolese immigrants and refugees. I love to see how God has prepared me for this from my four month stay in France this past autumn and trip to Malawi, Africa over one year ago.  I am really excited about the things I am going to learn from these experiences and praying that God works through me as well to share and demonstrate the Gospel to those whom He deeply loves and longs to draw to Himself. I truly believe this internship will be a transformative and foundational experience as I prepare to graduate in the fall and begin my work in ministry with the poor.

As a part of the internship, I must raise a portion of my $2000 budget for this summer, with an additional cost of $1500 to register for internship credit during the summer through Greenville College. I’d like to ask, without your feeling pressure or obligation, if you would consider being apart of this. If God leads you in that way, donations can be made to Restore St. Louis and send directly to the project administrator in St. Louis (CityLights, c/o Lisa St. Pierre, 1142 Hodiamont, St. Louis, MO, 63112) clearly designating it toward my support, or you may send it directly to me if you wish. All donations are eligible for an IRS charitable deduction. If you are unable to help at this time, rest assured that that is okay as well. Part of my growth this summer is looking to God to freely provide for the needs of this team. If He wills me to be part of it, He will make that happen as well.

Either way, thank you so very much. If you wish to help, but need to do it at a later date, I would be grateful if you could still notify me of your intentions. Our goal is to have all donations (or commitments) by early June, if possible.

I am also seeking to build a prayer team of at least 5 people who will pray for me daily during the CityLights internship from May 30 to July 18, 2017. I’d really appreciate you considering this kind of partnership in ministry with me as well. If you are able to commit to either request, could you please let me know by June 1st? I will look forward to reporting to you again during the program and at the end of the summer.

Thank you so much.


Amanda Scott


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